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Craft 65, borne of Singapore curating and creating craft beers that are inspired by where we live, the people around us and the diverse culture we hail from. 

As the name implies, we are passionate alchemists aiming to brew craft beers that are meaningful, relevant, and unique in taste for fellow lovers of craft beers. 

Craft 65 is a coming together of scientific and creative minds, a blending of the left and right brain arriving at concoctions that tantalizes the palates of craft beer lovers all over. 

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Our Craft

Our Craft

At Craft 65, we have created an exciting menu of craft beers we are looking forward to sharing. Concoctions we love and we believe that you will find unique and resonate with. Brew Alchemy, is a moment of magic borne of brilliance in chemistry expressed through artistic flavour creation. We believe in creating a journey of discovery; From the story behind our beers, to the first moment when our craft beers touches your palate, to the continued discovery of each new brew alchemy.


The Alchemists

The Alchemists

Dr Daryl Lee, a bona fide doctorate in Chemical and Biomolecular engineering with passions that span from football to pizzas and craft beers.  His motivation to brew stems from his love of seeing people and friends bond over good food, awesome craft beers and fun conversations. 

Innovation is another key driver for Daryl, who has come a long ways from skipping lessons for soccer to creating delicious craft beers brewed with chemistry genius. 

Yong Zen, affectionately known as Jeffery to family and Zen to his peers, is our other brewer who combines his doctorate in Chemistry and Biomolecular engineering with passion in brewing . Zen’s favourite beer moment is simply a nice cold craft beer with friends rather than coffee. Craft beers should always be enjoyed with food. Zen prefers Kong Bak Bao paired with craft beers though his fave is still a savoury bowl of Bak Chor Mee on its own. Zen’s love of local flavours inspired by wonderful childhood memories drives his passion to brew. Creative fusion with local flavours is his ethos for creation and stay tuned as we surprise your palate with Zen's brilliance in brew alchemy. 


Our Brew

Our Brew

SOS | Sooty Oatmeal Stout

Ominously smooth and smokey. Full bodied with a clean finish.

SOS - an international distress call sent via morse code in the good old days is depicted in bold dots and dashes on this label. 

This serves as a reminder to reach out for an SOS when you feel the need to thaw, unwind, chill and be recharged. When in need of a drink, do remember SOS. 


Sooty Oatmeal Stout by Craft65 Brew Alchemy. 

DIPA | The Clone

A West Coast IPA inspired DIPA brewed via a unique hopping regime of carefully curated hops and malt. Balanced bitterness with smoothness for the Asian Palate. 


"Dolly the sheep" is widely known globally as an icon for the scientific breakthrough in cloning. We decided to use "Dolly" to bring about the fact that The Clone is variation of the iconic West Coast IPA "cloned" for the Asian Palate.  

Dogwood sour-2.png

IPA | Imperial Sour Dogwood

BOOM! An Explosion of flavours with a hint of bubblegum fun achieved with Nature-isolated Lanchancea yeast from the Dogwood Tree.


Delightful tartness complemented with an amazing medley of flavours and aroma comprising passion fruit, berries, honeydew, pineapple, and bubble gum. Big, Powerful and Vibrant!Creating flavours we love 

Saison | Cuvee

A Saison created for the discerning.
A beautiful Belgian style Saison created using 2 very different kinds of yeast conferring complexities of spicy floral notes juxtaposed with sour mildness.
A unique Saison created by Craft65 bringing together both old and new ways of brewing.
Best paired with subtle luxuries the likes of Caviar, Oysters and Uni.


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